Santa Claus is Pagan Too

Spiral Wound

(Emerald Rose)

Oh, Santa Claus is Pagan too
Just like all the rest
And if you are a merry witch
He’ll bring you all the best

So get that star up on the roof
And bake those cookies too
Cause Christmas time is really Yule
And Santa’s Pagan too

He’s got that Buddha belly
And his Pops the Holly King
You’ve dressed him in that British Coat
The caps a Nordic thing

You took the horns right off his head
And stuck them on his deer
But he still flies high like Jupiter
With a belly full of beer

Hey, Santa Claus is Pagan too
Just like all the rest
And if you are a merry witch
He’ll bring you all the best

So get that star up on the roof
And bake those cookies too
Cause Christmas time is really Yule
And Santa’s Pagan too

Now history says Christ…

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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

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If you’re old enough to count among the Baby Boomer generation, you certainly remember the sensation caused by the release of Simon and Garfunkel’s hit song, “Scarborough Fair,” with its haunting refrain, “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.” Most people who bought the album (yes, it was an album, not an MP3 back then) didn’t really think about the properties of the herbal list as they sang along, and it’s doubtful that Simon and Garfunkel had anything prescriptive in mind, but in fact, they adapted the song from an old English ballad that some say is about the Great Plague in the Middle Ages. The fact is that parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme were commonly used medicinally in earlier times and may have been used in an attempt to heal victims of the…

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Moon Magic: September

I wanted to write an entry for this Full Harvest Moon, but Granny Moon has already written the perfect one. Always worth the read.

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Beautiful spider web with water drops close-up

Moon Magic – September is a month full of harvesting and we start to see the first signs of autumn. We still get warm sunny days but the morning and evening air carries the chill of fall with it. September also brings the autumn equinox; a time of change. Mother Earth is making her final push of the summer to provide her bounty before the balance shifts at the equinox.

A month of hearth and home so the Kitchen Witch is in full force! Cooking, baking and canning all to fill the store cupboards for the winter ahead.

The harvest is being brought in, just as the plants are sending out their seeds for the cycle of life to begin again.

September is a pivotal point where we say our thank yous to summer and start to make preparation for the coming winter, it is a transitional month.



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7 Days of Magic – Calendar Guide to Spell Casting!

The Witch & Walnut

awaterHere is a quick guide to follow to help you correspond your castings to certain days of the week. Each day of the week corresponds with 7 different planets. This will help you achieve your magical goals by drawing in that particular energy.

Here are the days and the planets that rule them!

  • Sunday – Sun
  • Monday – Moon
  • Tuesday – Mars
  • Wednesday – Mercury
  • Thursday – Jupiter
  • Friday – Venus
  • Saturday – Saturn

Here are the planets meanings so you can plan your spell casting and rituals!

sunSunday – Ruled by the Sun – Is a power day! It has the strongest energy, this is a day you can cast anything. But being more specific you can focus on casting on increased energy, health, happiness, money and general prosperity. This is the day that represents you, and your personality. So do what you love today!

aMonday – Ruled by…

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The Hearth Witch in March

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This article was written by Anna Franklin
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Dandelion Wine

Spring is a busy time for the hearth witch. It is time to prepare the ground, plant seeds, and gather the early flowers and greenery of the year for food, remedies, and magical use. As I look around, the woodland and hedgerow trees are hazed with green as the leaves begin to unfurl. The fields are scattered with a blaze of yellow flowers at this time of year—dandelions, celandines, primroses, daffodils, and coltsfoot, Mother Earth reflecting the sun. The physical world is a mirror of the spiritual energies that surround us, and when we work in concert with the earth that sustains us and the observable ebb and flow of the seasons, Nature is our guide to deeper levels of meaning.

In my new book The Hearth Witch’s Compendium, I share with you my experiences of working as…

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January: Full Wolf Moon Ritual

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January: Full Wolf Moon Ritual

1-11-17One of the more popular names for the January Full Moon is “Wolf Moon”, a dramatic and steadfast sort of name.

Personally, though, I prefer the more innocuous “Quiet Moon”, which seems more appropriate for a full moon of reflection and self-awareness. You might consider the January full moon a sort of occult “new year’s eve” in that it is the first of it’s kind in this new year. This is also the first full moon ritual I’ve done in a few months so it feels like a fresh start in all sorts of ways!

I don’t think I’ll actually be able to see the moon tonight, thanks to another rainy California day (yay for rain, sad for no moon). Rainy full moons always feel like a special challenge to me though, the universe asking me to connect with more than just an…

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The Magic of Vision Boards

It seems that the Law of Attraction is making a big come back these days.  For those who are not familiar with it, the law basically states that “like attracts like”.  Meaning that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.  For me, this practice has involved using vision boards; an assemblage of those things or events I want to see manifested in my future.  I have found vision boards to be a simple, powerful magical practice and have had much success with them.

A vision board can be anything that feels right to you.  It can be a collage of magazine clippings, found items, hand-drawn or any combination of images or items that speaks to you of your desires.  It can be done on poster board, a simple piece of paper,  or an entire wall.  It is up to you.  The charge of magic comes from your intention and the energy you put into it.  The “board” should be somewhere that you will re-visit it often,  re-energizing it with intention on a regular basis.  You may not see results right away.  Maybe not for months or even years, but for as long as it is your desire and intent; something you want so badly you can feel it in your gut, it will come to fruition.  Remember, patience is a virtue.

One important thing to remember, however, is to thoroughly think through exactly what you want to happen.  Consider all the possible outcomes and constantly re-work your board until you are satisfied the outcome will match your expectations.

Always use caution as you may just get exactly what you wish for.