Moon Magic: September

I wanted to write an entry for this Full Harvest Moon, but Granny Moon has already written the perfect one. Always worth the read.

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

Beautiful spider web with water drops close-up

Moon Magic – September is a month full of harvesting and we start to see the first signs of autumn. We still get warm sunny days but the morning and evening air carries the chill of fall with it. September also brings the autumn equinox; a time of change. Mother Earth is making her final push of the summer to provide her bounty before the balance shifts at the equinox.

A month of hearth and home so the Kitchen Witch is in full force! Cooking, baking and canning all to fill the store cupboards for the winter ahead.

The harvest is being brought in, just as the plants are sending out their seeds for the cycle of life to begin again.

September is a pivotal point where we say our thank yous to summer and start to make preparation for the coming winter, it is a transitional month.



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