About Me

The Witch Is In……..

Or should I say out? Out of the closet, that is. I guess the best first post for a blog is one that lets your readers know who you are and what they can expect from your pages so, I will try to conjure an image for you of who I am and why I am putting this blog out there.

First, the typical bio. I am a single mom of three girls from 16 to 24 who is looking to  re-join life on my terms. I am a student of life and nature. A solitary, eclectic witch who is determined to live life on my own terms for the next half century, not those imposed by society. I have lived by the rules of the masses for almost 45 years. As I look forward to welcoming the crone inside of me I will be following my heart to the end of this journey.

This blog is meant to be a record of this journey. My journey into finding and embracing the witch within. Please join me in my successes and failures. On my path to awakening my inner wisdom. The ways of ole that have been ingrained in us since the beginning of time.